The UK’s Most Active Age Group Are The Over 65s

As a whole, the nation is living longer, and as average life expectancies increase, new research has revealed that the over 65s are now one of the most physically active age groups in the UK. A survey of more than 7,600 UK adults published by sports-retailer Decathlon shows that 44% of over 65s take part in sports eight times or more in a typical month. In fact, the next most active age group still fell within the older cohort – 41% of those 55 – 64 years old said they participate in sports or exercise eight times or more in a month. When over 65s were quizzed on the sports they take part in every month, swimming was overwhelmingly the sport of choice for this age group, with 38% of the votes. Perhaps surprisingly, this was followed by exercising in the gym which came in second place (29%) inspired by...

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