Eight eco-friendly hotels around the world for the sustainable traveller

OPERATING ON RENEWABLE ENERGY The Brando – The Islands of Tahiti Residing on its own private island, The Brando is renowned for its sustainable initiatives, relying entirely on renewable energy sources, including solar power and coconut oil. Pioneering seawater air-conditioning is implemented throughout the resort, using the low temperatures of the sea bed to cool the buildings, whilst heating is provided by hot water photovoltaic solar panels that line the island’s airstrip. All other energies come from The Brando’s very own coconut oil power station. Additionally, all guests are provided with chemical-free sun cream and free bicycles to get around the island, and the majority of the food at The Brando’s restaurants is grown on the island in its organic gardens. tahititourisme.uk Hoshinoya Karuizawa – Nagano prefecture, Japan Located in the Nagano prefecture stands the serene, eco-friendly mountainside Hoshinoya Karuizawa resort. This gorgeous resort is just a short drive from...

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