Eco-Tourism in Fiji – the Mamanuca Islands

The people of Fiji are immensely proud of their islands and they show their love for nature by not only giving back to their environment, but also by looking after it. The Mamanuca Islands are a prime example, offering a collection of eco-tourism destinations where visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful pristine environment, but also give something back to the local community. These islands are an ideal destination for travellers who wish to experience an incredible location, whilst simultaneously protecting and preserving the ecosystem.  The Mamanuca Islands are set amongst the crystal blue waters of the South Pacific. Fringed with coral reefs and incredibly rich in different species of marine life, the islands are the perfect destination for water-lovers. Fiji is the perfect destination to see exotic creatures in their natural habitats as protection of wildlife is a crucial element of Fijian life. From blacktip reef sharks to dolphins, you will be surrounded by a...

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