5 Reasons You Should Visit Lake Annecy

An incredibly beautiful lake surrounded by wonderful mountain vistas, it’s a picture-perfect summer destination. However, there is much more to Lake Annecy than its eye-catching beauty, and for active holidaymakers who love the great outdoors, here are five reasons you should definitely give Lake Annecy a visit. 1. Watersports Lake Annecy is the perfect destination for anyone who loves water sports or wants to give them a go for the first time. From wake-boarding to water-skiing and wake-surfing, the water is often fairly flat and warm, and it’s much more pleasant to fall over in than salt water! Early morning or later evening are the best times to get out on the water, as this tends to be when the lake is smoothest and there are fewer other boats on the water. The water can reach around 24°C in summer, which makes it a much more appealing place to dip your toe...

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