New Northern Lights Flights

The UK’s original Northern Lights holiday company, The Aurora Zone, is offering a Northern Lights flight option which provides the opportunity to hunt for the Aurora Borealis above the clouds. During the winter months, cloud cover can sometimes obscure the Northern Lights when hunting at ground level, so taking to the skies is the perfect solution. Providing an extraordinary vantage point and lasting for around an hour, the new Northern Lights flight climbs above any potential cloud cover for the chance to enjoy some incredible views of the Northern Lights from the comfort of a small private jet (capacity for seven people). Should the Aurora appear, you will have the best seats from which to spot nature’s ethereal show. The Northern Lights Flight is priced separately (from £376 pp) as an additional part of the four-night Rovaniemi Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge trip to Finnish Lapland. Based at the Arctic Circle...

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