Racing, Riding and Relaxation – Is Brides-Les-Bains The Ultimate Cycling Destination?

While sunning yourself on sandy beaches or sipping cocktails in sun-drenched cities might be what some people think of as the ultimate summer getaway, those of us who like a little adrenaline with our adventure often yearn for something more. A way of experiencing new and beautiful places, exploring on your own terms, with a sense of freedom and relaxation far removed from everyday life. For mountain-lovers, this feeling is available all year long. Throughout the winter, we can ski, snowboard or snow-shoe our way through magical snow-capped landscapes. In summer, we can trade two skis for two wheels and take advantage of the many cycling paths that wind across green pastures and blue Alpine lakes. And the ultimate destination for cyclists looking to get the most out of their mountain holiday? Brides-les-Bains. A tried and tested favourite of ours, this gorgeous mountain town has everything to offer those who...

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