Making The Most of the Mountains – 48 Hours in Innsbruck

When you mention Innsbruck to many mountain-lovers, the response will usually be related to the airport. “Ah yes I’ve flown into there before”, “oh it’s the most amazing airport descent”. Granted, it does have an incredible landing path, passing over the mountains and coming down through the Inn valley. However, Innsbruck is so much more than just a stop on a journey elsewhere. This summer, I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Innsbruck, exploring the city on a new level and spending more time seeing what this mountain destination has to offer. Spoiler – it’s a lot. So on your next trip to the mountains, why not extend your time in Innsbruck? Instead of simply flying in and out, spend a couple of days in the city, exploring the magnificent area. Whether you are a fan of food, art, history, music or sport, you will find so...

Gear Guide 2016/17
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