Volcano Boarding Grows In Popularity …and Danger

STORY BY Patrick 4th March 2017

The unusual sport of volcano boarding is reported to be growing in popularity with a two locations  now available for first-timers to try it for themselves – one version of volcano boarding is treated as an adventure sport, the other as a (very) extreme sport.

Volcano boarding – essentially snowboarding on a board metal of metal or wood over dirt and gravel down the steep sides of a live volcano – can be tried on the Cerro Negro Volcano in Nicaragua, which hasn’t erupted since 1999; or on Mount Yasur in the Vanuata islands west of Fiji, which is constantly erupting and where there is a danger of being hit by volcanic debris or inhaling toxic gas whilst descending.

In Nicaragua volcano boarding on 728m high Cerro Negro is offered by Vapues Tours and is open to anyone to try.  It takes about an hour to climb volcano but the descent by board can be completed in as little as three minutes. Volcano boarders wear a protective jump suit and goggles and the experience costs from $25 (US) per person depending on how many people take part.  Gear, training, a bilingual guide and a post-boarding drink in a local restaurant are all provided for the price.

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