STORY BY Debbie 7th January 2020

Wellness, as a concept, is becoming increasingly more important, and it’s a trend that’s expected to continue. 

As we learn more about our needs and the importance of self-investment, increasing numbers of health-focused services are coming into existence. 

Move with Us retreats offer unforgettable experiences for both your mind and your body; transforming perspectives and giving incredible adventures in beautiful surroundings. Here, they share 5 wellness trends for 2020. 

1. Experiential wellness – wellness is not just an appointment anymore. It’s an event, an experience, and something that you want to do. Fitness, beauty and wellness services are all on the move; bringing the individual out of their comfort zone, both metaphorically and literally. 

2. RnR – as simple as it may be, sleep is one of the most common barriers to living a healthy and productive life. Stress, poor habits and increased work pressures are limiting the time we’re spending getting our ZZZ’s, leading to a surge in products and services to counter this. 

3. Emotional wellness – emotional wellness will be one of the biggest focuses of 2020. The ability to express yourself and acknowledge your feelings is a huge contributor to positive emotional and mental health. 

4. Workplace wellness – the wide-ranging benefits of wellness in the workplace are finally being understood. It’s not just employees who benefit from a happy, healthy workplace, but the employers, too, who enjoy plenty of benefits including greater productivity and satisfaction. 

5. Integrative health – meditation, breathing, visualisation and guided imagery boost emotional wellness and promote physical and mental healing. This approach to health is a great complement to modern medicine, making it particularly popular with today’s health conscious professional. 

More on Move with Us 

Move with Us retreats offer unforgettable experiences for both your mind and your body; transforming perspectives and giving you adventures that’ll benefit you for years to come. 

Their unique, holistic approach to wellness retreats aims to reset your mental habits, nervous system and thought processes to leave you feeling more confident about yourself, emotionally, and physically stronger. 

Meditations in the desert; relaxing escapes in the ice caves of Austria – their wellness escapes are unexpected and hand-picked, giving you the space to connect with yourself and your environment. 


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