A New Way to Experience Adventure on Your Doorstep

STORY BY Patrick 21st March 2019

A new way to book the services of qualified, passionate outdoor guides across the UK and beyond has been launched.

Online market place Beyonk is the brainchild of London-based Oscar White who has a love for micro-adventures and an expertise for cutting-edge technology.

The innovative start-up connects customers directly with qualified guides across the UK and gives the opportunity to browse nearly a hundred tailored adventures on an easy to use platform, before booking travel quickly, safely and with confidence.

While looking for outdoor activities in striking distance of the capital that would provide a genuine sense of escapism, White found researching and booking short trips to be a timely and challenging process. His answer was to create one central platform to help adventure-seekers find accessible experiences on their doorsteps.

White began by building relationships with some of the best adventure leaders across the UK and further afield. He identified a collection of unique and sustainable experiences that would appeal to those with busy schedules and those that want to make the most of their limited free time. Working with a team of dedicated product specialists and web designers, he created a simple platform that allows users to make hassle-free bookings with the ability to search adventures by location, duration and ability level.

“We believe healthy, active lifestyles are integral to both physical and mental wellbeing, empowering people to make the most of their time on this rock. At Beyonk, we’re making it easy to discover the best adventures, both on your doorstep and further afield, with qualified and passionate adventure leaders. We are changing the image of adventuring, making it truly accessible to everyone,” said Mr White.

The majority of the experiences offered take place in the UK over one to three days, divided into five main category types spanning camping, hiking, climbing, biking and paddle-based experiences. Adventures start from £30 and all can be confirmed seamlessly and at short notice, without the need to speak to an agent.  The number of qualified guides joining the marketplace has grown exponentially, with adventures now on offer as far away as Morocco and Nepal.



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