Dive into The Island Kingdom with Bahrain’s new Pearl Diving Tours

STORY BY Megan Hughes 20th December 2017

Discover the depths of Bahrain’s unique pearling history through newly launched pearl diving tours.

With a rich pearling industry history, the deep waters of the Gulf are a great destination to dive for natural pearls. With four diving sites, each with an abundance of oysters, divers are able to collect as many as 60 oysters from the Gulf seabed and if lucky, are able to keep the island’s most illustrious treasures forever.

Pearling History

The pearling tradition is an activity deep rooted in Bahrain’s history, and has served as a lucrative asset to the Island Kingdom for the past 4,000 years. In the past, pearl divers would spend months at sea on a traditional Dow boat. Designated divers were lowered on weighted ropes and remained underwater with nothing but a nose peg to control their breathing. Now, having been relaunched as an official regulated tourist attraction, Delma Marine and Scuba Life enable tourists to recreate the authentic diving experience for themselves. Each location boasts an abundance of marine life with beautiful corals and tropical fish inhabiting the reef.

Bahraini natural pearls are considered the finest in the world, and incredibly, if you find a pearl whilst diving, it’s yours to keep! Over 400 sq. miles of oyster beds flourish in the warm, shallow waters of Bahrain so it’s the perfect place to experience this truly unique and memorable activity.

Pearl Diving

Ras Rayyah, the northern tip of Muharraq Island is the departure point for all pearl diving activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. At 32 BD per person (£64), visitors with a licensed pass, priced at 5BD (£10), can dive for two hours, collecting as many as 60 oysters in one session. The licensed pass enables visitors’ access to the diving locations Sayah, Bu Amamma, Shtayaah and Bulthama, based off the coast of Muharraq, the northern island of Bahrain. The pass allows governmental control over the ocean, ensuring the diving tours and number of oysters collected are monitored for sustainability.

For beginner divers, Sayah, the site nearest to the shore, is most appropriate, and visitors without a full PADI licence are more than welcome to snorkel in the shallow waters as well. Bu Amamma, Shtayaah and Bulthama are the deeper water sites and are located approximately 35 miles off the Coast of Muharraq Island. Here, visitors are required to have a full PADI license and are to be fully equipped with scuba diving gear. Whatever ability however, whether beginner or advanced, there’s a unique experience available for everyone through official diving companies Delma Marine and Scuba Life. Notably, Scuba Life Bahrain run separate PADI courses for those visitors looking to gain their qualification to the Island Kingdom.

Pearling Trail

After a morning dive, visitors can embark on an exclusive journey through the country’s pearl trading history, following in the footsteps of the renowned jewellery designer Jacques Cartier, who visited Bahrain in the early 20th Century. Bahrain’s pearling history has been beautifully preserved, and visitors are welcomed to explore the UNESCO world heritage Pearling Trail, through the ancient capital of Muhurraq. The trail includes seventeen beautiful, old merchant’s houses, each an opulent example of Arabic architecture connected via a 3.5km visitor’s pathway.

To find out more, head to: http://pearldiving.bh/

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