A Brand New Perspective of Bruges – Australian leaps between medieval buildings in What Tourists Don’t See.

STORY BY Megan Hughes 21st August 2018

Dominic Di Tommaso is used to breaking down barriers in freerunning at Red Bull Art of Motion and as part of the elite Team Farang group that also includes fellow parkour stars Jason Paul and Pasha Petkuns.

For his latest project, What Tourists Don’t See, the Australian undertook a death-defying tourist trip across the rooftops of Bruges as he gives us his unique POV take on the UNESCO World Heritage city.

Bruges welcomed over 5.2 million tourists last year with 1.8 million overnight stays, 1.1 million boat trips on the canals and 43,000 carriage rides, but Di Tommaso was keen to see the sights his own way.

The 26-year-old spent three days exploring the city from high above your average tourist’s perspective by leaping across rooftops, up stepped gables, along cathedral ledges and onto the ever popular canal boats and bridges.

Di Tommaso explained: “My view from atop the Belfry is something I’ll never forget. Dangling my feet over the edge at a height of 61 metres, overlooking the entire city. I’m a professional athlete, not a stuntman. I have perfect control over everything I do, at any given time. The jumps you see have been rehearsed and performed thousands of times in a controlled environment.”

The filming of What Tourists Don’t See involved a crew of 20, as many extras, two drones and three cameras over 16 locations with a stunt coordinator permanently on hand to guarantee the safety of both Dominic and the crew.

Dominic’s breathtaking trip coincided with the ‘Triënnale Brugge 2018 | Liquid City – Vloeibare Stad’, which uses the image of today’s liquid city as a symbol for positive social and urban change.

The Mayor of Bruges Renaat Landuyt revealed: “Dominic shows Bruges in a way nobody has ever done before: the most beautiful spots, but from different and surprising angles. Seeing all this inspires you to discover the Triennial, although I would advise our visitors to keep their feet firmly on the ground.”

Featured Image Copyright: Daniil Lavrovski / Red Bull Content Pool

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