Outstanding Form & Function: Canyon Roadlite CF Bestowed Wins iF Award

STORY BY Megan Hughes 22nd March 2018

The Canyon Roadlite CF, the flagship of our Canyon’s range, has been awarded with the internationally renowned iF gold award 2018 in the category sports / outdoor / bicycles.

The design, form and function of the fitness bike significantly impressed the international expert jury and its 63 members during the official ceremony on Friday in Munich. “A beautiful sculpted and holistic design, the Canyon Roadlite CF is an extremely lightweight and affordable bicycle. The detailed graphics are finely balanced between understated and dynamic”.

With this award, the Roadlite CF continues to add to its history of prestigious awards. Right after its launch in 2017, the fitness bike was first recognised as “Best of the Best 2017” – the highest achievement of the world-renowned Red Dot Award. Since then, the Roadlite has received the Eurobike Award 2017 and now, the iF gold award 2018.

It’s no surprise, as with a well-balanced mix of newly developed features and first-class components, the Roadlite CF guarantees pure riding pleasures for fitness fans on every challenging tour.

Roadlite Designer Fedja Delic said “Design is an integral part of all developments and creative work at Canyon. For us, design is not just another aspect when developing a new bike, it is central to our whole approach. For the Roadlite CF, our main focus was on creating a clean and precise look to underline the athletic function of the bike”.

Each year, iF International Forum Design GmbH organises one of the world’s most celebrated and valued design competitions: the iF Design Award. With more than 6,400 entries from 54 countries, the iF Design Award has seen a record number of subscriptions.

Canyon give thanks to their Roadlite CF product and design team, led by Fedja Delix, Denis Fiedler, Lukas Schuchnigg and Sebastian Wegerle, as well as iF Design Award.

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