Craghoppers Insect Repellent Clothing

STORY BY Megan Hughes 11th June 2018

Craghoppers are a global adventure travel company best known for creating the world’s first and only permanent insect repelling clothing range.

Since 1965, the Craghoppers team have been researching and developing cutting-edge fabric technologies in order to make adventure safer, simpler and more comfortable. Their pioneering NosiLife fabric technology is uniquely proven to reduce insect bites and feeding by as much as 90%, meaning that Craghoppers’ extensive clothing range offers round-the-clock protection from mosquitoes and midges.

So how does it work?

NosiLife is a breakthrough in textile innovation utilising a unique permanent anti-insect technology, providing proven protection. The active ingredient in the NosiLife garments is a type of Permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid used in some insect repellents. Permanently woven into the fabric, the insect protective treatment is guaranteed for the lifetime of the garment.

Designed for use in hotter climates, the NosiLife range also incorporates a moisture wicking ability to absorb moisture from the skin which keeps you cool and comfortable in the heat. Easy to wash, with no maintenance or treatment required, it is an innovative, long lasting, durable clothing solution for any adventure. Plus, if this wasn’t enough, NosiLife’s anti-bacterial effect combats odour, meaning that you stay fresh no matter where you are!

Collections available for men, women and children.

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