Engelberg Launches Alpine Cheese Trail 

STORY BY Patrick 11th June 2019

The Swiss resort of Engelberg has launched an Alpine cheesethemed hiking route. 

The 40kmlong trail passes by eight cheese dairies around Engelberg, offering beautiful mountain views and tempting treats for cheese connoisseurs. 

Each section of the route can be tackled separately as day or part-day hikes, and some parts are very easy. 

The trail starts at Engelberg Abbey’s show dairy and follows the gentle uphill hiking path to The Untertrübsee dairy, the first stop, before continuing to the Gerschnialp dairy before going downhill through woodland back to Engelberg. 

Walking by the Engelberger Aa river on easy paths takes you to the Stäfeli dairy from where you can penetrate further into the mountains and head in the direction of the Surenen Pass to visit the Blackenalp dairy.  

“Take along plenty of cash and leave space in your rucksack for cheese as all eight dairies sell their delicious produce on site,” one hiker who has tried the route advises. 

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