European Outdoor Film Tour Back For 2017

STORY BY Patrick 7th September 2017

The European Outdoor Film Tour is back this autumn with seven short films making a combined programme two hours long.

Since its launch in 2001, the European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.) has been screening carefully selected outdoor sports, adventure, and travel documentaries from all over the world.

Stories of real people who live their dream of outdoor adventure and give the viewer unfettered access.


This year the tour will visit more than 330 venues kicking off on 6 October, 2017 and arrive in the  UK on 27 October with shows in London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow and others – full details on the tour’s website.

“As founders and creators of the tour, our aspiration has always been to unearth the best films and compile them into an exclusive programme year after year,” said Veronika Wasza of Moving-Adventures, adding, “Everything is real. Handmade, raw, and honest. At organic food shops you’d call it first-class quality —a self-imposed hallmark the E.O.F.T. adheres to year after year. For 17 years!”

In over 200 hundred films shown over the past 16 years, E.O.F.T. viewers have watched as world-class athletes, nonconforming dropouts, odd couples, and everyday adventurers fail miserably or experience thrilling highs. We’ve followed them to the far corners of the earth and have discovered the (im)possible facets of outdoor sports.


“The individual stories and adventures differ every year, but the realness endures. This year is no exception. The E.O.F.T. 17/18 programme is made up of the most inspiring, compelling, and heart-breaking films whose unifying theme is wild places, human resilience, and risking it all,” says Veronika.

Such is the case in the film DUGOUT where Ben and James navigate the mythical Ecuadorian jungle in a handmade canoe; in the documentary INTO TWIN GALAXIES where Sarah, Erik, and another Ben explore the Greenlandic ice sheets via snowkites and kayaks; and in FOLLOW THE FRASER where a trio of bold mountain bikers shred steep chutes and launch off huge natural jumps along British Columbia’s longest river, from its origin across the Canadian province.

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