European Outdoor Film Tour Returns

STORY BY Megan Hughes 16th August 2018

The European Outdoor Film Tour is back for 2018, with more spectacular outdoor films showcasing the best of outdoor adventure.

Since its inception in 2001, the European Outdoor Film Tour has been presenting handpicked documentaries featuring outdoor sports, adventure, and travel. This year is no exception and they’ve put together a film program that is as varied as it is exciting for everyone who loves being outdoors. From paragliding over the imposing Broad Peak to spectacular mountain biking in the far north to a somewhat crazy but equally lovable Frenchman with a penchant for kissing, this year’s E.O.F.T. offers a vibrant assortment of short films that will delight and amaze young and old alike.

The official teaser trailer for the European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.) is now here and providing an enticing preview of what awaits us in the new tour.

A celebration of mountain life, the program has 7–9 films and a total running time of about 120 minutes. With additional activities, the event lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours.

The kick-off for Europe’s largest outdoor film festival will be at its premiere on October 9th at BMW World in Munich. The E.O.F.T. 18/19 will then begin its extended tour with more than 400 events in 18 countries.

The premiere show in the UK will be in London on November 2nd. You can find all the showings for the UK here.

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