Go Wild on the Cornish Coast

STORY BY Patrick 28th March 2017

Trevornick, situated on a beautiful, well-manicured site on the north Cornish coast, just a short walk from Holywell Bay beach, a year-round, dog-friendly National Trust beach, wants families to get active outdoors inspired by its new Wild Trak obstacle challenge.

Woody, the Wild Tribe leader from five star holiday oasis in Cornwall, is laying out a garden challenge to get families in the mood for an active Easter, inspired by their new family obstacle course. Because we all know families who run wild together…

Embracing the massive popularity of parkrun and muddy obstacle courses up and down the country, Trevornick will be setting up a new all age pop up obstacle course every Wednesday throughout the season.

With categories including Tough Toddler (one adult and one child under 5) and Speedy Teens there are 15 obstacles around their beautiful woodlands to guarantee a family challenge and loads of laughs.  For guests’ four legged friends, there’s even the Canine Capers Challenge.

Woody, leader of Trevornick’s nature inspired ‘Wild Tribe’, gives his advice for setting up your own garden obstacle course inspired by the real course. His message is to get outside and enjoy being active together;

“It’s not about setting records, it’s about showing the kids it’s OK to fall over, get muddy, go slow or get stuck,  just pick yourself up and keep going.”

The obstacle course includes:

  1. Rubber Mountain -mountain of tyres, covered in cargo net to scramble over (try laying out cushions and boxes)
  2. Walk the Plank, zig zag balance beams (put out a plank of wood on bricks or even zig zag some scarves to walk along)
  3. Caterpillar Crawl commando crawl under cargo net (loosely pin down old bed sheets with tent pegs to scramble under)
  4. Spider’s Web get through the web of elastic without getting tangled (line up some chairs and get some string and run it from side to side)
  5. Soggy Slalom weave in and out of poles whilst getting drenched with water pistols (use the washing pole, umbrellas, cricket stumps, walking sticks and recruit a sibling, parent or friend to fire the water!)
  6. Twinkle Toes hop in and out of tyres (lay out some hula-hoops, tape up pool noodles or bend some willow sticks in to a circle)

Among many other attractions, Trevornick also offers Wild Tribe sessions where you can unleash your inner child (or your actual children) and let the experts from Trevornick’s Wild Tribe ‘back to nature’ club, show you how to build a brilliant bug hotel and enjoy constructing a woodland shelter, all followed by toasting some yummy marshmallows on the log fire – new for 2017 is the Wild Ranger trials featuring ‘I’m a holidaymaker, get me out of here!’

The phenomenal location gives visitors the freedom to roam the wonderfully wild places that are literally on its doorstep. Dogs love Trevornick too and why on earth wouldn’t they when there are dog-friendly pitches, designated dog walking fields, miles of moorland and a sensational coast path.

Trevornick offers pitches for tents, touring caravans and motorhomes and also offers ready-made camping with pre-pitched Eurotents.  A holiday adventure at Trevornick is £69 for a short break or £129 for a week.

Trevornick’s glorious and spacious location, right on top of the sandy dunes that lead to Holywell Bay Beach, lends an undeniable sense of freedom to the whole experience.

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