Introducing Aquabot – a Water Bottle With a Trick up its Sleeve!

STORY BY Megan Hughes 26th April 2018

Not just your regular water bottle – cool off, clean off and hydrate with the Aquabot. This handy spray bottle has a super soaker-style pump on the top of the gadget with 3 alternative settings including shower, steam and mist patterns.

The variable flow control trigger allows you to choose the right amount of water, spraying over 25 feet just give your Aquabot a few pumps and you’ll feel refreshed in no time at all. Holding 650ml capability this bottle is the perfect addition for any keen explorer.

Through those summer months there is nothing more important than keeping hydrated and this is just the product with which to do so! While on the go or at home, remain in top physical shape, stay energised, relieve fatigue and boost your body’s immune system – improving skin and promoting weight loss!

For sports, camping, pets, fishing and gardening activities there are limitless possibilities to utilize your Aquabot. From impromptu water fights or misting off after an afternoon hike in the hills, to hydration for watering small plants. The Aquabot has a multitude of uses for any camping trip, whether that’s putting out campfire, rinsing off the mountain bikes, hands or dishes – not to mention the obvious drinking functionality!

The Aquabot Water Bottle is available to buy online from The Fowndry for £29.99.

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