More Than A Quarter Of Brits Now Pick Adventure Over ‘Pool-Gazing’

STORY BY Patrick 6th June 2019

A new survey has found that 26% of holidaymakers questioned would now pick an adventure and adrenaline holiday over a pool-gazing and sunbathing trip. 

“The experience economy is going from strength to strength, our research finding that, when planning their holidays, Brits are far more concerned with the memories they will make than the thread count of their hotel’s beds,” said Stephanie Meyer-Scott, Head of Product Marketing at WeSwap, a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform, which commissioned the survey. 

The results, from a survey of 2,000 British holidaymakers, appear to be a far cry from the stereotype of Brits abroad from the 80s and 90s. Ten years ago we were voted as Europe’s worst tourists, according to the Expedia Best Tourist Report 2008, with common complaints for Brits abroad being that we are loud and unruly, flouting local culture and generally making a nuisance of ourselves. 

The research also revealed that while people are trying not to spend more on flights,  accommodation and eating out, the budget for spending on experiences once they have arrived at their destination is, by contrast, up around five times. 

It seems that from tree canopy ziplines to bungee jumping, Brits are no longer the stereotype embodied by TV shows like Benidorm. Instead, besides ziplining, the most popular activities on travellers’ experience wish lists are bungee jumps, white-water rafting, skydiving, rock climbing and scuba diving.  

People today are more focused on taking part in activities beyond the traditional excursions, looking to enhance their experience with ones tailored to preferences like thrill-seeking or wellbeing. By allocating more of their holiday budgets to spending money, holidaymakers are sending a message to travel agents and providers alike that they aren’t concerned with luxury stays in all-inclusive resorts,” added Stephanie Meyer-Scott. “Instead,” she continued, they are looking for the cheapest providers so that they can have the best experience while there, enjoying unique and memorable experiences.” 

The trend looks set to continue, too, as the statistic of those seeking adventure and adrenaline holidays grows the younger the traveller, increasing to 39% of millennials aged 1834. 


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