Muc-Off Launches New High-Performance Brake Oil

STORY BY Anne 9th March 2018
Muc-Off, the leading manufacturer of bicycle cleaning and maintenance products worldwide, has launched it’s brand new High-Performance Brake Oil.

With a Dry Boiling Point of 327°C, Muc-Off’s High-Performance Brake Oil has been specially formulated to provide the highest performance under the worlds toughest racing conditions where braking systems must operate at very high temperatures. 
  • An ultra-high ‘class-leading’ 327°C (621°F) dry boiling point and a typical Wet Boiling Point: 202°C (396 °F) to maximise braking performance in extreme conditions
  • Blended with special additives to prevent fluid oxidation and rust
  • DOT 4 Fluid, compatible with DOT 5.1 systems
  • Reduces lever fade and brake pump

Muc-Off Managing Director, Alex Trimnell said:

“With racers seemingly pushing the limits harder every season, we were seeing first hand that OEM oils just weren’t up to the task. Reports of brake fade and lever pump were getting more common from our pros around the world, so this triggered some serious R&D work!Our team set about creating a high-performance brake oil, with an industry leading boiling point using some very advanced additives. Using feedback from our pros we formulated and tested various formulas on the toughest World cup tracks during the 2017 season.

The resulting formula gives nothing short of phenomenal performance, there are significant benefits during heavy braking with all of our test riders also reporting a much more positive lever feel and the confidence that this won’t change during even the most brutal World cup races. This is simply one of the fastest performance upgrades you can add to your bike, a MUST for all racers!!”

Elite Downhill Racer, Ben Deakin, said:

“Go as extreme as you want to go this fluid doesn’t crack under pressure! Serious OiOi stoppage.  My Mrs would definitely boil up before these ever got to running temperature, Epic stoppage at the touch of a lever.”

Muc-Off’s High-Performance Brake Oil comes in a 250ml bottle and is available now with an RRP of £19.99

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