The new Jochpass bike trail in Engelberg

STORY BY Anne 13th March 2018

Engelberg is fast becoming Central Switzerland’s premier bike destination.


The new Jochpass trail opens in June 2018 offering great biking fun for riders of all abilities and preferences, whether you like to ride fast or slow, freeride, a bit of enduro or take it easy.  The trail is 4.3km long, a width of 1 – 1.5 meters, and an elevation of around 400m.  Built by Trailworks, an experienced partner for the planning and construction of bike trails.

The course is designed so that beginners and experienced riders can all have fun and shred to their hearts content.  With all sections including berms built so they can be ridden at different speeds, so no excuses, whatever level you are from beginner to pro, Engelberg has it all.


Engelberg is like a mountain bike paradise, with bike shops, bike wash, guiding, a bike hotel and this stunning new trail, it looks like a dream and a must do for our summer mountain tours.

For more info visit:  Engelberg Bike


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