ORTOVOX Launch SAFETY ACADEMY LAB ROCK: A Pioneering Mountain Safety Learning Platform

STORY BY Megan Hughes 27th June 2018

Seemingly endless rock faces, isolation and new challenges: If you are going to take to alpine routes on your own, you need determination and a strong body and mind – but most of all, in-depth knowledge. In close cooperation with the Verband Deutscher Berg- und Skiführer (VDBS – German mountain and ski guide association), numerous professional mountain guides, athletes, and climbing experts from Petzl, ORTOVOX has launched the SAFETY ACADEMY LAB ROCK.

The Lab Rock is an interactive, multimedia training platform that was developed as part of the SAFETY ACADEMY. It offers over 30 video tutorials, comprehensive educational modules and four chapters for more safety in alpine climbing.


The names behind the SAFETY ACADEMY LAB ROCK are safety experts Chris Semmel and Walter Würtl.

Chris Semmel is a state-certified mountain and ski guide as well as an expert on mountain, climbing and avalanche accidents. He has lead the DAV (German Alpine Club) safety research team for ten years, is a member of the DAV mountain climbing and sport climbing training team and is also in the VDBS training team.
Walter Würtl is also a state-certified mountain and ski guide as well as an expert on alpine and avalanche accidents. As an alpine scientist, he is also the editor of bergundsteigen magazine.


The SAFETY ACADEMY LAB was produced in the Cinque Torri region in the dolomites between the Falzarego Pass and Cortina d’Ampezzo. From well-bolted alpine sport climbing routes to challenging tours, the region is the ideal place for gaining an insight into alpine climbing.


Since the company was founded in 1980, ORTOVOX has dedicated itself to protection. Here, protection not only refers to innovative emergency products, but also to in-depth knowledge that provides protection on the moun- tains.
ORTOVOX provides this information together with professional mountain guides and experts via the SAFETY ACADEMY: What first began as an initiative purely for avalanche courses is now targeted towards complete alpine safety training – in both summer and winter, digitally and on paper.


ALPINE BASICS: From climbing park to large alpine rock faces: ORTOVOX provides an insight into the world of alpine climbing – starting from the subjective and objective dangers, to rock knowledge, through to the necessary materials.

TOUR PLANNING: Carefully considered and realistic tour planning is an essential part of alpine climbing. As part of this, various factors have to be taken into consideration: selecting the appropriate climbing tour, the area and weather conditions, correctly reading a topographical map and carefully packing a back- pack.

ON THE ROCK FACE: From the approach to the summit and back again safely. In the third chapter, ORTOVOX will familiarize you with fundamental knowledge about alpine climbing. Topics such as knot techniques, belaying and the use of anchors play a central role.

RESCUE METHODS: If there is an accident in alpine terrain, climbers need to act quickly, correctly and in a considered manner. The final chapter explains how climbers handle emergency situations.

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