Introducing Panda Optics Sunglasses

STORY BY Megan Hughes 8th June 2018

Bringing a new summer focus to one of our favourite winter brands, we’re very excited about the new Panda Optics sunglasses. Panda Optics have launched this new range of sunglasses following the success of the goggle range that has led them to become a highly recognised brand within their first two winter seasons.

The new sunglasses follow the same principles as Panda Optics’ snow goggles, with attractive looks and advanced technology at a price that is highly competitive against its rivals.

Panda Optics founder, Oliver Heath, said:

We wanted to design and produce sunglasses that stood up to the quality of our ski goggles and provide the same level of protection too. We’ve had so much success with the Panda goggle, especially with people like Chemmy Alcott wearing them on the slopes that our customers kept asking if we had anything else planned. Well here it is and we are proud to be launching our sunglasses in time for the main summer season.

There are two models in the new sunglasses range, Cove and Tide, both of which have their own distinctive style. All sunglasses come with UV400+ polarised lenses and Panda’s unique metal C-Hinge technology that prevents the ‘flappy arms’ that other sunglasses may suffer from!

All sunglasses retail for a price of £54.00

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