STORY BY Anne 1st December 2017


by Manuela Jungo


There are only a few places left in this world that are still as raw and untouched as the beautiful Nordic country of Iceland.

As soon as I touched ground in Iceland I realised that this trip was going to be amazing. The people are very friendly and everything is well organised. I had a long list of things I wanted to do and see so I planned to get busy straight away.

I had high expectations for the trip but certainly wasn’t disappointed. The mystical environment and magical landscapes were overwhelming to see in person.




As well as all the hiking to waterfalls and scenic places, I found a vast number of places to unpack my inflatable SUP and go for a paddle. Whether paddling alongside dramatic glaciers in emerald green water or paddling along fjords, rivers and waterfalls, Iceland is the ideal place for any paddler with a spirit for adventure.



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