10 Years of Lanzarote Retreats

STORY BY Megan Hughes 4th December 2017

For years, Lanzarote Retreats has set the benchmark for sustainable eco-holiday accommodation and this December they are celebrating a decade of providing luxury holiday experiences that nurture the stunning environment in the area.

Lanzarote Retreats is marking its 10th anniversary during December 2017 with various events, including the unveiling of the new ‘Centaur’ that guards the entrance to their Finca De Arrieta eco village. In addition, they are launching the first independent solar driven water desalination plant in Spain.

The new ‘Centaur’ statue – created from salvaged materials, the Centaur serves as a symbolic protector of Finca de Arrieta and the surrounding environment.

Finca De Arrieta started 10 years ago as a solitary yurt on a plot chosen in the northern region, free from the commercial tourism located in the south. This is the rural Lanzarote; rich with beautiful landscapes and unspoiled coastlines. 10 years on, that single yurt has become an eco village, a stunning collection of luxury yurts and stone cottages that have helped to not only change the way people think of Lanzarote, but also to make a real contribution to how people think of eco holidays in general.

Lanzarote Retreats co-founder Tila Braddock says: “Environmental concerns are always discussed as global issues. By giving them this scale they sound daunting; it perpetuates the feeling that as individuals we are powerless. I know that nothing we do here alone can suddenly change the world, but I also know that when families holiday with us, the experience for them is an ‘eye-opener’. The combination of beautiful accommodation, stunning surroundings and a secure place with endless adventures for their children, all in harmony with the environment, these factors come together to create an unforgettable experience. This means they leave with memories that can last a lifetime, it empowers parents to see they can make changes that will contribute to bettering the future of this planet.”

Lanzarote Retreats is at the forefront of sustainable tourism with it’s beach-side eco properties. Totally environment friendly, with properties ranging from cottages to Mongolian yurts, Lanzarote Retreats pride themselves on combining the highest standards to guests whilst maintaining the best green credentials. All eco units are off the national grid, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy a unique, luxurious but sustainable beach-side stay, living with solar panels, andwind turbines using the latest renewable energy technology. For exploring the island, guests are provided with Toyota hybrid electric cars to allow them to enjoy this area of unspoiled natural beauty.

For more information visit www.lanzaroteretreats.com


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