Canyon UK Joins Forces with MUDIIITA Cyclo-Cross Project

STORY BY Megan Hughes 20th December 2017

Canyon UK has today announced a partnership with MUDIIITA cyclo-cross project. Founded by Nikki & Matt Brammeier, the MUDIITA project is designed to increase UK ‘cross participation and create an achievable pathway to nurture young riders through the highest ranks of the sport.

Through the MUDIIITA ‘cross project, the cycling duo have their sights firmly set on inspiring, identifying and nurturing the next generation of cyclists focusing primarily on grassroots development. Running from January 1st 2018, the project will compromise of a pro cyclo-cross team, a cyclo-cross academy, ‘cross clinics and coaching programs. Strengthen and inspire young riders, providing a pathway up to the top tier of the sport, covering all of cycling’s disciplines, MUDIIITA seems to cover all bases.

MUDIIITA’s literal meaning is “the pleasure of finding joy in the happiness and success of others” and the three I’s, representing the MUDIIITA Marque, were inspired by the tire tread and represent movement and progress within the sport. The progression of MUDIIITA itself is something that they are hoping to enhance through this partnership with Canyon UK, announced today.

MudiIIITA Co-founder Matt Brammeier said: “Our aim is to inspire a generation and create a realistic pathway through to the top tier of the sport. We wanted to bundle all the different steps of a young rider’s journey through the ranks together, and create a safe and professional environment where riders can focus fully on development and enjoyment of the sport. With the support of Canyon we are confident that this is the perfect pathway for cyclists of the future to reach their full potential.”

2017 UCI National CX Champion Nikki Brammeier will wear the colours of the MUDIIITA Canyon Pro Team from the start of January. The team will ride on Canyon’s Inflite CF SLX Race frames, SRAM 1x™ groupsets and Zipp Speed wheel sets, with kit designed by BioRacer to be revealed on January 1st.

Nikki Brammeier states: “I’m super excited to bring Canyon on board as MUDIIITA’s title sponsor for the 2018/2019 season. I can’t wait to get going and start racing on the Inflite, the innovate design Canyon has brought to the table with this bike is super exciting. Canyon’s passion and drive to progress the sport of cross aligns perfectly with that of the MUDIIITA project and we are looking forward to working closely together throughout various elements of the project. These shared passions and beliefs made our decision to join forces a total no brainer.”

The Inflite CF SLX is a highly innovative, modern cross bike launched in August 2017. It’s the first full-carbon cross bike Canyon has produced with a unique carrying system, mountain bike-inspired geometries and a reduced layout for minimal mud clearance.

Nick Allen, Canyon UK Market Manager adds: “We are proud to be partnering with MUDIIITA in 2018 – a UK cyclocross project with the objective of increasing the exposure and participation of this increasingly popular cycling discipline. Canyon are fully committed to investing in cyclocross with the aim of raising the profile of this sport and making it more accessible. This is why working with MUDIIITA makes perfect sense. Not only will we be supporting the current UCI British Cyclocross Champion 2017 & MUDIIITA rider Nikki Brammeier who will be racing atop our Inflite CF SLX in 2018 but we’ll also be supporting MUDIIITA with their CX clinics and coaching sessions around the UK.”

MUDIIITA Canyon’s first race will be GP Sven Nys on January 1st, 2018. Dates for cyclo-cross clinics will be announced in the new year.

For more information on coaching sessions or MUDIIITA itself, head to:

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