Meander Apparel – Style and Performance for Cyclists and Adventurers

STORY BY Megan Hughes 4th April 2018

The launch of new brand Meander Apparel promises clothing with both style and performance for casual cyclists and urban adventurers.

Style-savvy and health-conscious commuters face a dilemma. Taking to two wheels for the journey to the office is a great way of burning a few extra calories but means facing the option of having to don unattractive lycra or risk changing weather conditions in your everyday attire.

Luckily, a new brand is reinventing the look and feel of the outdoor activewear market, offering a stylish alternative for those who want to tame the road on their next urban adventure.

The vision of Scottish-based Meander Apparel is to provide a new take on lifestyle clothing for cyclists. Its launch product – a multi-functional commuter jacket – will be available exclusively via this April, offering premium quality at an affordable price, without the luxury retailer mark-up.

Equally suited to the fashion conscious commuter or the casual weekend adventurer, Meander’s chic new jacket offers the wearer style and functionality in equal measure, whilst staying true to the company’s brand mission to create sustainable, timeless pieces.

It combines high-performance Italian fabrics with innovative features, including a clever back pocket design, which allows the wearer to convert the jacket into a bag or attach it under their saddle. Its lightweight, waterproof and breathable material protects the cyclist in variable weather. What’s more, Meander uses environmentally-friendly materials sourced from a responsible, family-run factory on Lake Como, which is able to sustain itself with clean, eco-friendly energy.

Brought to market by Co-Founders Steve and Jill Henry, of Edinburgh, Meander Apparel was conceived to address the lack of fashionable clothing for the commuter cyclist. Both keen cyclists, Jill boasts experience working for London designer House of Holland and various influential menswear brands, while Steve comes from a career in the finance and asset management industry and has a degree in engineering.

Anyone interested in receiving updates on when the Meander jacket will be launched need only sign up at:

For additional information about Meander, please visit the Meander Apparel website. Meanwhile, follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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