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The Dead Sea Marathon, the lowest race in the world, will take place on February 7, 2020, featuring a route that runs alongside the shores and crosses the Dead Sea, with stunning views of the ancient salt crystals and facing the magical, serene desert landscapes. The highlight of the race will be running into the sea on the breakwater of the Dead Sea Works in the southern part of the Dead Sea, an area that is otherwise closed to the general public. The breakwater serves as the border area between the Dead Sea and the Jordanian Dead Sea and passes as a barrier without a fence between countries that maintain a common daily routine and peace between the two sides.

The trail is mostly on compressed aggregate gravel flat area. The main area of this larger running celebration is set on the new hotel promenade in Ein Bokek with the start and finish lines as well as the closing event.

 The Dead Sea Marathon is recognized by the Israel Athletics Association. There are four heats for all levels: 50 | 42.2 | 21.1 | 10 km. List of heats: • 10 km – running along the new Dead Sea promenade, in the name of Tomer and Giora Ron. • 21.1 km half-marathon – a fast and flat track out on the “breakwater” in the Dead Sea. • 42.2 km marathon – a fast race around the shore of the southern Dead Sea to 21 km on the embankment. • 50 km Ultra marathon – Israel Championship in cooperation with the Athletic Association. * Monetary prizes will be awarded to the winner of all four heats.

In cooperation with the Association, the 50 KM will be held as the Ultra Marathon Israel Championship. The race holds the official qualification of the Athletic Association and the measurement of the distances of the routes is made by a certified surveyor on behalf of AIMS.

The Dead Sea Marathon is an offshoot from the foundations of the old Ein Gedi race, which for over 30 years has hosted tens of thousands of runners and has become an anchor point in the annual table of amateur and professional athletes from all over the country who have become addicted to the miraculous scenery and silence. In commemoration of the Ein Gedi race project, the 10 km event will be held in memory of Tomer and Giora Ron, sons of Kibbutz Ein Gedi.

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