World’s Toughest Team Race Back For 30th Year

STORY BY Patrick 10th September 2017

A mountain range so famous it’s been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Dolomites hosted the 30th edition of the Red Bull Dolomitenmann this Saturday 9th September 2017 in Austria.

Over 100 mountain runners took off for a 3km run with a vertical difference of 1,800m. There they met their team’s paragliders, who in turn made their way over a steep, rocky field to the take-off point. They were welcomed by thousands of spectators when landing.

Starting from that same Stadium, the mountain bikers rode up 1,500 vertical meters, including sections where they had to carry their bike before finally meeting their teams’ fourth members – the kayakers.

After a short sprint, kayakers leapt from a height of 7m into the river, with difficult upstream passages waiting.

The eventual winners were Team Pure Encapsulations, with Team Kolland Topsport Professional second and Team Kleine Zeitung – Panaceo – Martini Sportswear third.

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