1000 Rat Racers To Tackle 2017 Coast to Coast

STORY BY Patrick 8th September 2017

Rat Race’s original adventure coast race returns to the wild hills of Scotland this weekend – September 9th-10th 2017 – on the infamous Coast To Coast event.

1000 Rat Racers will run, bike and kayak over 105 miles through one of the most famous mountain landscapes in the world, enjoying awe inspiring views and a stunningly epic course through the Scottish Highlands.  The event is sold out.

The route of the two-day (or one-day Expert) challenge takes in some of the most mysterious and wild locations in Scotland including Cawdor Castle (Macbeth’s old pad, Loch Ness, Glen Nevis and Glen Coe, to name but a few stunning sights!

“The Highland terrain and weather breeds tough folk and if you take on this challenge then you will find out why,” said a Rat Race spokesperson.

Most people tackle the route over two days but some attempt it in one-day, which the organisers describe as,

“A mammoth undertaking, especially if the prevailing wind tries to blow you back to the start line.   You will be taking on a very challenging mountain run after a draining cycle ride, not to mention the kayaking.”

Bike selection and your nutrition plan are very important to give you the best chance of completion if you try to complete in one day.  The organiser’s time cut offs are fixed and rigidly adhered to for participant safety, they say mandatory kit is key for success.

Successful finishing times on the one Day Expert class range from 8 hours 19 minutes in calm conditions to 13 hours 32 minutes in heavy weather.

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