5 Unmissable Reasons to Visit SalzburgerLand

STORY BY Megan Hughes 16th June 2021

Fancy trying something totally new this summer? SalzburgerLand provides the perfect base for enjoying a completely new and unique mountain experience.

1. Walk Barefoot Across Alpine Meadows

How long has It been since you walked barefoot in the dewy grass, feeling the soft squish of the ground beneath your feet? Probably quite a while right?! The simple joy of barefoot exploration is something many of us have not experienced since we were children, but it has certainly not lost its effects.

To rediscover the joy of barefoot walking, Salzburg’s Lungau region is the place to head, where wide Alpine meadows and grassy carpeted forests await. Walk along the Longa river in the Weißpriachtal valley or cool your feet in the ice-cold water of the Leisnitz Waterway.

Not only does walking barefoot connect us to the earth in a whole new way, it’s good for you too! Many studies have shown that going barefoot can be beneficial to our circulation and muscle strength, as well as sharpening our senses.

2. Take a Lesson in Mountain Herbalism

In the popular SalzburgerLand resort of Obertauern, not only can you drink in the incredible nature through spectacular views, you can also drink it in in a more literal sense, thanks to cooking courses and training sessions from the herbal educator Michaele Veit. Also known as the “Tauern Witch”, Michaele provides an incredible insight into the wild herbs that grow in the region – over 200 of them!

Visitors to Obertauern can join her for a fascinating herb walk, where Michaele will share her secrets, her respect for nature and her knowledge of these precious plants. Her ability to transform certain plants into ointments and oils in order to utilise their specific medicinal purposes is truly wonderful to witness, and she will happily share her gifts with those walking alongside her. Never knew there was a modest mountain plant you could turn into a syrup to help ease joint pain? Well in SalzburgerLand you can learn all this – and more! – in the midst of the most beautiful mountain landscapes.

If you’re really keen to learn some herbalist techniques for yourself, Michaele also offers cooking courses and outdoor training sessions. Here she will demonstrate how to make teas, spreads and even soups out of helpful herbs that many may simply dismiss as weeds! It’s definitely a fantastic way to educate yourself in the wonders of the natural world around us and learn a new way to appreciate it.

4. Chew on a Cheese Tour

Forget Swaledale or the Savoie – SalzburgerLand is the place to be if you love your cheeses.

The area of Tennengau is well known to fromage fiends for producing world class cheeses and this summer, they have found a new way to allow mountain lovers to enjoy the area’s scenery as well as sample its local produce.

The Cheese Experience Tour, created by the ’Pleasure and Adventure Region’ of Tennengau, consists of a 21.5km bike ride through the stunning mountain landscapes, with stops at various cheese farms, dairies and Alpine inns.

The route takes in eight stops as it meanders through Kuchl, Golling and Bad Viguan, allowing you to sample local specialties such as herb cheese, goats cheese and butter cheese.

Work up an appetite with some entertaining cycling routes, drink in the spectacular scenery and learn more about the importance of cheese to the unique culture of SalzburgerLand.

4. Explore a SUP Paradise

Ok, we know this might not be a totally new experience for some of you, but even if you’ve tried stand-up paddle boarding (known as SUP) before, you’ve never tried it here. In SalzburgerLand, SUP takes on a whole new level, as you enjoy this incredibly fun activity in some of the world’s most beautiful mountain lakes.

In the Salzburg Lake District, you will find crystal clear waters, lush green shores and no shortage of picturesque bays for a picnic lunch spot.

Here you can even explore two lakes without ever needing to leave your board, thanks to an idyllic Alpine canal that connects the two lakes of Mattsee and Obertrumer See. From the water, you can enjoy unparalleled views of the beautiful Mattsee Castle or even take on a SUP yoga lesson, to really connect with the water!

5. Experience Festival Season on the Slopes

It’s undeniable that SalzburgerLand has a unique connection to music, be it Mozart or the Von Trapp Family singers. However, musical experiences here are not limited to historical …

In the summer months, you can find a thriving programme of cultural experiences, the highlight of which is surely the Salzburg Festival, where a fantastic atmosphere descends on the city as an entire district is transformed into a festival zone. Performances of drama, opera and open-air concerts allow a novel way to enjoy warm summer evenings.

Meanwhile, another favourite event of ours is taking place up in the beautiful mountain town of Saalfelden – the International Jazz Festival.

Here, you’ll find jazz musicians from all over the world coming together to create a unique musical experience against the backdrop of the Austrian Alps. Over four days, 50+ concerts will take place in the most wonderful locations, from Alpine pastures to city museums.

You’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders with musicians as you enjoy the area’s impressive hiking throughout the day, before taking in their performances each evening. Whether you prefer open air extravaganzas or cosy mountain concerts, it’s the ultimate musical experience for mountain lovers.

For more information, head to salzburgerland.com

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