75% of women planning a solo travel trip – Research reveals the top travel destinations for women going it alone

STORY BY Emmanuelle 19th March 2019

Solo female holidays increase by 131%, with three in five women stating travel is “essential” to health and wellbeing

Traditional streotypes of women solo travellers conjure images of Eat, Pray, Love, spinsters and widows. This could now not be further from the truth for modern day women travelling the world. British Airways research has found that 50% of women take a holiday by themselves, proving that solo travel is becoming a choice rather than an event of consequence. Travel experts, WeSwap, reveal the top international destinations for women travelling alone – from top-rated safe spots to forum recommended destinations that have proven to be an amazing experience.

WeSwap’s research, commissioned across a nationally representative sample of more than 2000 UK adults, found:

  • 56% of women said holidays were essential to their wellbeing
    • Health and wellbeing increase rapidly while on holiday, peaking on the eighth day
  • 34% of women said holidays are their number one savings goal
  • 38% of women said spending their money on a holiday was more important than any other recreational activity

Some of the most popular travel destinations for solo women travellers include:

  • Finland tops the list for some solo female travelling – as the happiest country in the world, there’s nowhere better to do some international exploring.
  • New Zealand – for a little more sun, travelling to New Zealand may be your best bet. And it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world but that’s just a bonus.
  • Uruguay, which has one of the lowest crime rates in the Americas, is great for food, culture and nature.
  • Japan – with great food, expansive hiking trails and impressive cities, Japan is a sight to behold and, for the solo female traveller, is a great destination

Not only are these countries great destinations for solo travel but they are some of the safest countries to visit for women travelling alone.

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