A Mountain Mecca All Year Round – Summer in Chamonix

STORY BY Megan Hughes 10th March 2021

It’s undeniable that Chamonix is world-renowned as an extreme winter-sports haven, with skiers and snowboarders from all over the world flocking to its craggy peaks, advanced off-piste terrain and varied freeride routes. However, summer in Chamonix is equally as adrenaline-inducing as winter, with a huge host of adventures on offer.

For the more adrenaline-hungry explorers, whether you prefer hiking or mountain biking, rock climbing or paragliding, canyoning or via ferrata – you name it, summer in Chamonix has it.

© Gilles Lansard

With some of the most spectacular Alpine views in Europe, the hiking routes here are plentiful and varied in level for all abilities. Get up close and personal with the stunning Bossons Glacier, or head to Lac Blanc for a fantastic vista of Mont Blanc.

If you prefer to spend your time on two wheels rather than two feet, there are many opportunities for mountain bikers. However, like with the winter ski area, the Chamonix terrain is definitely more suited to experienced riders than beginners, with most routes quite steep and technical.

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For a more relaxing day exploring the area, don’t miss the Aguilles Rouge Nature Reserve, a protected area covering 16,000 hectares and providing nature lovers with the perfect opportunity to view the mountain flora and fauna. Stunning views, a bio-diverse landscape and a gentle nature trail make it a great spot for families and those after a less strenuous day on the mountain.

For animal lovers, the Parc Animalier de Merlet is another must-visit – a preserved heritage site protecting eight wild species, from the majestic ibex to the charming marmot.

Chamonix is also only an hour from Lake Annecy, which can provide a welcome relief from the warm weather with its crystal-clear water and opportunities for water sports such as paddle boarding and waterskiing.

© Salome ABRIAL

And of course, no visit to Chamonix would be complete without a trip up the Aiguille du Midi, where a lift swoops you up to the summit terrace at 3,842m, where you can experience an unparalleled 360° view of all the French, Swiss and Italian Alps, including the striking Mont Blanc.

Located just an hour’s drive from Geneva, Chamonix is a great option for a long weekend break – perfect for those wanting to escape city life for a few days in some of the world’s most spectacular Alpine terrain. Plus, many adventure companies such as Action Outdoors run breaks that include activity itineraries or courses to help you grow your confidence and allow you to truly make the most of this destination.

Find out more about summer in Chamonix here.

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