Explore Mallorca on Horseback

STORY BY Patrick 15th April 2024

Although best known for its beaches, seeing the of Mallorca’s stunning landscapes on horseback gives riders the chance to immerse themselves in the beautiful Mediterranean island’s rich heritage and vibrant culture.

Equestrian tourism offers a thrilling gateway to explore Mallorca’s breathtaking landscapes, blending adventure with tradition with riding lessons, carriage races, and visits to picturesque ranches all available.

The island boasts an array of well-equipped areas and specialised ranches where tranquillity meets adventure. The blend of its rich culture and spectacular natural landscapes turns horseback riding into an unrivalled experience on the island.

Horseback riding in Mallorca

Journey along charming rural paths, ascend majestic mountains, and traverse rugged coastlines, all on horseback. Explore the natural splendour of Mallorca with destinations like Pollença, Esporles, Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, and Andratx all benefitting from dedicated equestrian routes. Here, riders are treated to the island’s untouched beauty, navigating ancient trails and uncovering secluded gems.

Become an expert in riding

A high number of equestrian schools are located in Mallorca, offering courses for all ages and levels. These classes allow you to start in the sport of riding or even to perfect an already acquired practice. Some of these estates can be found in Marratxí, Felanitx, Calvià, or Artà, among others.

Discover the Essence of Mallorcan Ranch Life

Mallorcan ranches are more than just places to stay; they’re vibrant hubs where you can connect with animals, take in the natural surroundings, and gain new skills. These ranches serve as ideal settings for immersing yourself in genuine rural life, alongside professionals who are passionate about their craft. Located in scenic areas like Alcúdia, Son Servera, and Algaida, these are among Mallorca’s finest ranches, offering a real taste of island ranch life.

Mallorcan equestrian tradition

Mallorca’s connection with the equestrian world is evidenced through a traditional sport known as “Trot,” which consists of carriage races pulled by a horse or under the guidance of a rider. These competitions take place almost every weekend of the year at the Manacor and Son Pardo racetracks, and even extend into the summer nights.



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