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If you are into any kind of cycling and haven’t heard of FINDRA then you need to. 

The FINDRA ethos is about positivity and supporting one another. It’s about empowering and encouraging women to look good, feel good and perform to the best of their abilities through participation in outdoor sports.

Launched in December 2014, Alex Feechan – a keen mountain biker and experienced fashion designer spotted a gap in the market for well designed performance clothing and bike wear for women. As an experienced fashion designer Alex felt the products available suffered from the ‘shrink it and pink it’ approach, which is when companies just make smaller versions of men’s products, with added pink so you know they’re geared to the female consumer.

Determined to change that, Alex set about creating a range of innovative performance lifestyle clothing which fuses fashion and performance raw materials in a new and innovative way. The result: female friendly, beautifully made, quality cycling clothes.

Using high quality Italian sports merino wool, our garments are durable, practical and with natural wicking properties. Combined with the innovative seamless knitting technology, FINDRA’s ‘Made in Scotland’ performance lifestyle garments are perfect on or off the bike.

FINDRA Merino Wool Cowl Neck Base Layer/Cycling Top RRP £95

This is their best selling base layer, perfect for for cycling, running, hill walking and anything else you want to do in it.  I was actually lucky enough to be sent one to try out for MTB trip to Galicia in Northern Spain earlier this year and LOVED it!   Made from 100% New Zealand merino wool and featuring a cowl neck, thumbholes neck venting and and long enough sleeves it was a perfect lightweight layer which is designed to keep you at the right temperature.  And it did.

The mountains can be unpredictble with the weather, one minute sunny and warm, the next rain can come in and get you soaked super quick.   We dont mind that, but keeping the right temperature and not having heavy layers to carry  around is the most important thing to bear in mind whilst riding.   It was lovely and warm when i needed it to be and its also the perfect travelling layer.  I hate being cold and i dont like thick tops that restrict my movement.   This was perfect for everything and kept me super cosy on the flight over.

Now the weather is turining to Autumn and its not always so hot, but still warm, its a great layer to take out riding now and looks so nice its great for the after ride roast dinner on Sundays.   This is an absolute must buy and we give it a firm 10/10

For more info on this awesome brand, check out FINDRA

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