Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone Out Now!

STORY BY Megan Hughes 25th May 2018

Land Rover and Bullitt Group have announced that the Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone is now available to purchase in the UK.

Created for the outdoors, the Land Rover Explore has been designed to help you explore further, for longer with unrivalled connectivity, durability and battery life.

At the heart of the Land Rover Explore is a powerful 4000mAh battery that gives two days of typical use, or a full day of activities, with constant GPS Navigation mapping activated on the 5” HD display. Battery life can also be doubled by adding the included Adventure Pack while on the go. Once added, it can replace the need for a separate GPS device with its GPS patch antenna that improves the reliability and accuracy of the GPS. It also adds additional 3600mAh of battery power and premium topographic mapping with Skyline augmented reality, courtesy of ViewRanger.

The Land Rover Explore withstands everyday use outdoors with exceptional durability. It is drop tested to 1.8 metres with a factory fitted screen protector, it can survive underwater, including salt water complying to IP68 rating and can cope with extreme temperatures, thermal shock, humidity and vibration exposure. This level of protection ensures the device can survive heavy downpours or a muddy trail and will continue to work, keeping users connected at all times.

Designed in close collaboration with Land Rover, the smartphone takes subtle design cues from the unbeatably capable and versatile Land Rover Discovery.

Since it was announced, a team of 50 committed outdoor enthusiasts from across Europe have been putting the Land Rover Explore through its paces, by tackling a range of activities in mixed conditions. Here’s why they loved the Explore in their own words:

“Waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof. It can’t be overstated how great it is to have a phone that is designed for durability” Daniel, Germany

“24+ hours of battery and an extra 15 with the adventure pack. Just awesome” Carl, Norway

“As I compared the GPS data from the Land Rover phone with the exact data I have to say the Land Rover phone was way more exact than the other phones.” Stephan, Germany

“Waterproofness comes extremely handy, I never had a luxury of throwing a phone in the day hatch of a kayak before unless it was packed in a drybag” Gregor, Slovenia

“I spent 3 hours in 5° cold water on Friday and the battery was still up at 90% – this is mighty impressive!!!!” Angelo, Switzerland“

My favourite feature has to be the durability of the phone, having tested it in both hot and cold environments, the phone doesn’t seem at all fazed. I have left it in snow and unprotected during cold nights in the tent, and the phone battery life never seems affected by this. Also I have walked with the phone in my pocket in very hot temperatures, whilst keeping it in my pocket, knocking it purposely to see if any damages occurred. Luckily nothing did” Chaz, UK

Extend the core functionality of the Explore with a range of packs and accessories for more flexibility and versatility. Each Pack can be attached to the back of Explore while on the go. Developed to suit outdoor activities, packs include a a universal bike mount (£29.99), a leather folio case (£29.99) and large 4370mAh additional battery (coming soon).

The Land Rover Explore with free Adventure Pack retails for £599.

Available in store from retailers including Cotswold Outdoor and Snow + Rock, for full details visit:

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