OISANS TRAIL TOUR – Longer and stronger !

STORY BY Emmanuelle 16th July 2019

The Oisans Trail Tour is the unmissable summer Trail in Oisans, co-organised by several village resorts. This time it is back for its 3rd edition with 2 new partners : Alpe d’Huez and Oz en Oisans. From now on they will join the 3 other resorts who have been involved since its creation: Villard-Reculas, Vaujany  Auris en Oisans. This joining of forces mirrors the huge scale of the Grandes Rousses mountain range.

Participants can take part in different variations of the event; there is a course for children as well as the long 87km solo trail.  For the first time ever, solo trail runners will be able to run along the face of the spectacular Écrins on the Emparis plateau!

On the programme :

Friday 19th July 2019


6.00pm: The Benjamins competition / Minimes (born between 2003 and 2006) : 1500 m

6.20pm: The Pupilles competition / Poussins (born between 2007 and 2010) : 100 m

6.30pm : Epreuve Mini Poussins (born in 2011 and 2012) : 500 m


87km solo / 5 550m elevation, departing from 3pm in Oz en Oisans

87km in relays of 2, departing at 4.30am from Oz en Oisans

87km in relays of 4, departing at 5.30am from Oz en Oisans

30km / 1 500m elevation, departing at 9am from Alpe d’Huez

15km / 900m elevation, departing at 10.30 in Oz en Oisans

All the arriving participants meet on the slopes near the Tourist Office Oz en Oisans.

For more information, please see this website


An overview of the 87km loop:


And the 30km one:

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