POC Announce First Bike Helmet to Feature MIPS Integra

STORY BY Megan Hughes 3rd March 2021

POC has this week become the first helmet manufacturer to release a bike helmet with Mips® Integra technology, Mips’ newest and most integrated helmet tech.

It marks a new phase of a longtime partnership between the two Sweden-born companies, one which first began in 2009 and was renewed in 2019.

With their shared goal of improving safety through constant innovation, it’s unsurprising that Mips have chosen POC to introduce the first-ever bike helmet to feature Mips® Integra, Mips’ newest and most integrated solution.

Mips has been a leader in helmet safety technology for years thanks to their unique technology that focuses on rotational energies and provides increased protection for the brain. Mips are now present in over 729 helmet models on the global market.

Jonas Sjögren, POC CEO said: “Developing world-leading protection is the very reason POC exists. Enhancing safety is the guiding light, and together with an inspirational mission, a whole new world of innovation and opportunity opens up, especially when you’re willing to do things that have never been done before. This is the foundation upon which POC’s collaboration with Mips in 2009 was established, when no one talked about oblique or rotational impacts, and it’s a pleasure to soon be introducing the new Mips® Integra system to our collection.”

Beginning in 2021, new POC snow sports helmets that aim to address rotational motion will feature the Mips system, followed by POC’s range of cycling helmets in 2022.

Max Strandwitz, Mips CEO, added – ”Our original collaboration with POC is well known, but it’s critical to improve and continually question what currently exists and whether it can be done differently, especially from a user’s perspective.

“It’s a process that has renewed the partnership and collaboration with POC. I am pleased with the development of Mips® Integra, which we recently launched, and that this new system will be added to POC’s collection, giving even more users around the world protection with the Mips system.”

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