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Audrey is an International Yoga Teacher, SUP Yoga Instructor and aspiring Personal Trainer. She loves traveling, the tropical heat, water ice and the sea.

Not only in Austria, but also in Australia, Audrey inspires people with their open nature, their honest words and authenticity for exercise, yoga and functional training. The holistic training program is designed to bring body, mind and soul in harmony and provide for more health and well-being.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga (SUP Yoga) is a new yoga variation, which is just getting on in Austria. In this new trend of powerful relaxation, the yoga practices are not practiced on the yoga mat, as is usual, but on a stand up paddleboard on the water. What looks difficult at first sight is easier than expected, is a lot of fun and trains your own body center, balance and flexibility on the SUP board.


Core, balance and stability in life

The Warrior series serves as a warm-up sequence to prepare the muscles and joints for the workout. As the exercises are performed standing, the force in the middle of the body is activated. The Warrior series primarily serves to train a strong trunk (abdominal and back muscles) and promotes balance and balance. Core strength is especially important for practicing SUP yoga, as well as for the overall well-being. A strong trunk is the best prerequisite for a healthy, symptom-free life. We need balance in all areas of our lives, the SUP Board is the perfect place to exercise this in a fun way.


SUP Yoga is infinite – you never stop learning. If you feel confident enough on the SUP board, you can engage in advanced exercises such as reversing postures and balance exercises on the arms. Headstands and reversal postures serve to build strength and balance, look spectacular, but should not be the purpose of our practice on the water. First, it’s about finding one’s center, building trust in ones own abilities and developing faith in oneself. Let it go, let it flow

Moving the yoga practice to the water is a unique experience and makes it possible to experience asanas and sun salutations in a different way: The special feature is the connection to nature, the yoga practice with the natural elements sun, water and fresh air to combine. It’s just beautiful to close your eyes, to listen to the sounds of nature, to breathe, to let go and to concentrate on yourself and your own body – far from everyday stress. Especially in the relaxation sequences manifests a soothing feeling of freedom and intimacy in body and soul – switching off in nature succeeds easier than in the yoga studio.

Due to the unstable ground, the challenge of training is much greater, body awareness is strengthened and the sense of balance is trained. Sitting and lying exercises are well suited for beginners, while standing exercises can be quite a balancing act. Here is also the difference to yoga on mat palpable: Asanas that are difficult to perform on the yoga mat for many yogis and yogis due to their shortening, will assist on the SUP board by the light wave movements easier (eg the looking down dog) while doing exercises on one Leg or standing on the unstable ground require even more stabilization and balance and thus become a bigger challenge.

The SUP-Yoga courses take place in small groups (min 3 – max 8 persons) from June 2 to August 25 every week on Thursdays from 6 – 7.30 pm at the SUP Center Vienna in Strandbad Gänsehäufel. All important information about the dates, prices and registration can be found on the website of the SUP CENTER Vienna



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