The North Face Trail Lite 3-Person Tent

STORY BY Patrick 24th June 2024

The success of failure of a multi-day hill or mountain adventure can depend a lot, of course, on the quality of the equipment you take with you.

When it comes to camping, you can quickly regret packing a tent that’s heavier than you need and once you’re trying to kip, if you scrimped on quality a sleepless night getting dripped on or wondering if it’ll survive the night if a strong wind is blowing can utterly ruin the trip.

The North Face has you covered though, with a range of very high quality, lightweight, brilliantly designed tents that will see you through any adventure and leave you planning your next trop as soon as you get back rather than saying, “never again!”

The company’s Trail Lite 3-person tent weighs in at just 2,53 kg and features an easy-to-use X-tent design setup with symmetrical aluminium poles and user-friendly clips, making it quick and simple to erect even in bad weather conditions.

Even if it is quite literally blowing a gale, the strong yet light guy lines are designed to withstand blustery winds and heavy storms.

Once up, The Trail Lite feels surprisingly spacious with a 112cm height, 3,6 m² floor area and 3,5 m²  vestibule area. It features oversized doors offer an amazing view of what’s outside, while great interior storage space including useful ceiling pockets to maximise space, ensure there’s room to store your back packs and to keep everything you need securely stored by easy to access until required.

All in all it’s the perfectly designed, all-purpose, all-weather lightweight tent that’s ideal for your next multi-day hike.

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