Weird and Wonderful Walks – Explore These New Hiking Paths With a Twist

STORY BY Megan Hughes 6th July 2021

For a hike with a twist this summer, you need look no further than the Alpine meadows and luscious forests of Austria. In the SalzburgerLand region in particular, a number of educational trails and themed walking paths have been created, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular mountain surroundings while also learning a lot about the area’s wildlife, habitats and timber.

Explore our favourites:

The Tree-Top Trail, Saalbach Hinterglemm

Experience a world above the tree-tops of Saalbach Hinterglemm with this stunning trail, the highlight of which simply has to be the famous ‘Alpine Golden Gate Bridge’. 42 metres high and 200 metres in length, this spot offers incredible views of Saalbach’s famous mountainscapes, as well as the high ropes course that will prove popular with kids of all ages.

Stretching out over 2km, this exciting trail is ideal for families, with platforms, towers, bridges and even game stations tucked away along the route. What’s more, it’s available in winter as well as summer for those who prefer their mountains snowy!


The Moon Path, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee

Though we often spend our days in the mountains appreciating the incredible landscapes of our own planet, we rarely stop to think about the other planets around us. The moon has a position of huge importance to our natural world, whether through its powerful influence on people, animals, plants and water, or through the many mysterious legends that surround it.

This path in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee is themed all around the moon, with facts, interesting stories and detailed information. Explore the influence of the moon on wood at the ‘Wood Energy Filling Station’ or the Vibration Bridge. This ‘moon wood’ has an important impact on the forestry and construction industries in the area and this two hour trail will allow both adults and children alike to get to know more about these wonderful forest environments.


Forest Detectives & Water Explorers, Weißbach Nature Park, Lofer

For the ultimate family adventure, head to the Weissbach Nature Park, where the forest adventure park will allow budding detectives and water explorers to discover a whole world of natural adventure. As you find out where squirrels go to snack, or how far deer can jump, you will begin to see the forest environment in a whole new light and find yourselves closer to cracking the code word at the tour’s end!

This path can be explored alone or as part of a guided hike, the latter taking place on Thursdays over the summer. |


Woodland Water Magic, Hintersee (Fuschlsee Region)

Resembling a journey into an enchanted forest, this signposted trail takes adventurers from the centre of the charming Hintersee town into the heart of a ‘Giant Tree World’. Here, huge tree trunks reach up into the sky and a whole new world of nature and wildlife are yours to be explore.

As you travel along the path, you will find yourself with the option to enter the “Water Wonder World Tiefenbach”, a thoroughly different yet equally entertaining adventure trail. This route encourages hands-on exploration and experiments with the water of the mountains, ending on a viewing platform above a waterfall, where your hiking efforts are rewarded with some truly breathtaking views.


The Power of Trees, Wagrain-Kleinarl

Stretching over three kilometres, the ‘Power of Trees’ nature trail offers visitors the opportunity to learn about 32 different species of native deciduous and coniferous trees. Thanks to handy info signs, you can explore the features of each tree, learning about their individual personalities and ancient routes. From seeds to leaves, you’ll get a rounded experience of each tree and can even test your new-found knowledge with each tree’s individual quiz!

For an even more in depth experience, you can even hike the trail with the woman who conceived and developed it, Christine Höller. A local authority on all things herbs and trees, Christine will share her vast knowledge with those visitors that take part in her guided tours – ’The Healing’ and ‘The Potent’. Prepare to hear fascinating facts and intriguing stories, as well as discover edible parts of each tree in the post-hike mountain hut stop off, where ‘tree snacks’ such as elm rolls, spruce butter and forest guacamole will be served!


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