STORY BY Debbie 9th September 2019

From golden ants to crooked carrots and deer roaring to mafia-esque machinations: nature and the environment move people at the INNSBRUCK NATURE FESTIVAL 2019.

The INNSBRUCK NATURE FESTIVAL (I.N.F.) focusses on nature and the environment between October 4-12 2019 turning them into the protagonists of a vibrant and varied hustle and bustle in and around the Tyrolean capital.

I.N.F. It´s all Nature

Thanks to the six I.N.F. modules, locals and guests alike can all get their money’s worth: MARKET invites, SENSES guides, GUSTO savours, SCIENCE educates, ART creates and FILM? Well, film is the heart of the Nature Festival.

The INNSBRUCK NATURE FESTIVAL week invites you on a discovery, right in front of your nose, to experience and enjoy. Shopping in the market, feasting above alpine pastures, cooking for Waste Food Dinner. Having your say at picnic conversations, letting loose whilst swimming in the woods, gondoling high up to the Hafelekar sightseeing tour. Listening to awakening autumn forests and eavesdropping beneath a nighttime city sky. Diving into other worlds and watching them at the Leokino.

I.N.F. FILM – International Nature Film Competition in the Leokino

Richard Ladkani‘s „Sea of Shadows“ opens the 18th film competition with a bang. The Austrian director embarks on a voyage of discovery with a team who wants to save the endangered Vaquitas whales in the Gulf of California. Ladkani’s camera captures not only the explosive situations on water and land, but also documents the actions of both the rescuers and their criminal opponents – Mexican drug cartels and the Chinese mafia.

In hot pursuit on the heels of this high calibre thriller, come treats such as „Magical Iceland“ by renowned German nature filmmaker, Jan Haft, much to the viewer´s delight, who is enticed into landscapes of the bizarre. A completely different take on nature is presented in fiction shorts, such as „The Wind Phone“, in which a telephone booth on a cliff plays the leading role, or „Kalb“, where a boy lives with his grandfather on a Tyrolean farmstead.

The complete INNSBRUCK NATURE FESTIVAL programme, as well as tickets for the 49 nominated films being screened by the I.N.F FILM at Leokino from October 8-11, 2019 are available at 

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