Get inspired during lockdown

STORY BY Debbie 27th January 2021

Looks like the possibilities to hit the slopes this year are slim to none! But those tricks still need practice. What can you do?  Freestyle riders provide spectacular videos.

We’re in the middle of a lockdown but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to perform backflips and three-sixties! Protest shows you just how you can still work on those tricks even when you can’t hit the snow. There’s nothing standing in your way! 

Get inspired and challenged by Protest freestyle riders; Andri Ragettli, Gian Ragettli, Camille Armand, Mees van Lierop and Mees Oostdijk, to push your limits in boarding and skiing. Take it to the next level and dare yourself to make the ultimate Car Jump in front of your own front door! Not challenging enough? Dare yourself to go a step further by performing a Roof Slide off your own roof.  (Ok, we maybe don’t recommend you to try this at home! Just watch the videos instead!)

With a little creativity and a lot of guts, you can always come up with alternative ways of boarding or skiing! Even during a lockdown and without the right conditions, you can get out there.

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