Maratona dles Dolomites Ready To Roll

STORY BY Patrick 27th June 2024

One of the largest bike rides in Europe’s mountains – The Maratona dles Dolomites – takes place on July 7th this year. It’ll be the 37th staging of the Maratona, that brings in 8,000 registered participants, 4,000 of whom were drawn by lot and 4,000 by right of participation, from over 31,000 who applied.

The three routes are now classics, not only of the Maratona but of cycling in general: the Maratona route with 138 km and 4230 m of elevation gain, the Middle route with 106 km and 3130 m of elevation gain, and the Sellaronda route with 55 km and 1780 m of elevation gain. The charm of the race lies in the absolute absence of motorized vehicles: the traffic-free roads make the Maratona an unmissable experience for every cycling enthusiast. Cycling on the Dolomite passes is like retracing the epic of cycling itself, and doing so in utmost freedom is something unmatched.

Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella, Gardena, Giau, Falzarego, and Valparola: a magnificent carousel to tackle immersed in the silence and splendor of a unique landscape. And at the end of the race, the memory for each participant will remain indelible.

Italians make up 50% of the participants with the other half drawn from 79 nationalities are present, 39 of which are non-European. 12.5% of riders are female and volunteers who make the Maratona possible number 1500.

The historical routes of the Maratona transform into the Supermaratona

The alpinist from Valle d’Aosta, Hervé Barmasse, and the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel have presented the Supermaratona, a new project that combines sporting passion with a commemorative journey that is nothing more than an invitation to immerse oneself in the history and culture of the Dolomites through cycling. Hervé, the first to take on this challenge, will, in the days leading up to the Maratona, tackle all the climbs scaled in the 37 editions of the Maratona on a 285-kilometer route with an elevation gain of 8400 meters, crossing 13 Dolomite passes, an integral and magnificent part of cycling history: an unprecedented challenge.

Subsequently, anyone who wishes can take on this challenge, conceived above all as a challenge to oneself. The altitude profiles and details of the route to follow will be available at With the Supermaratona, the organizers want to celebrate the history of cycling and its constant change, highlighting the continuous mutation of human life.

Charity Maratona

A fundamental pillar of the Maratona is solidarity. For the 2024 edition, 400 charity-registrations were sold, the proceeds of which (over 73,000 euros) were donated to three associations. The Association of Groups of Belluno “Insieme si può Onlus/ONG” is committed to a quality education project in Uganda, while the Association “C’è Da Fare ETS”, founded by Paolo Kessisoglu, is dedicated to providing psychological and psychiatric support to young adolescents in difficulty. The Widmanns association contributes to the training of African surgeons and intensive medical care at the Nhkhoma Hospital in Malawi.

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