The Best Guide to Cycling in Méribel

STORY BY Debbie 18th June 2024

Your ultimate summer guide to cycling and mountain-biking

This summer, travellers can immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of mountain biking in Méribel. Visitors can explore the Méribel Bike Park with its diverse trails including 10 downhill trails, 9 enduro routes, 6 E-bike circuits and 2 cross-country routes. With well-marked trails and varying difficulty levels, Méribel’s vast network of trails offers everything from technical descents and challenging climbs to scenic traverses and family-friendly adventures.

Cycling in Méribel

For the best views: Tackle the gruelling Col de la Loze

Experience the thrill of a lifetime cycling the Col de la Loze in

Méribel, widely known as one of the most gruelling stages ever to be included in the Tour de France! This iconic high-altitude pass, reaching a staggering 2,304 metres, promises an unforgettable adventure for cyclists of all levels. The challenging route, with its steep gradients and exhilarating hairpin bends, offers a true test of endurance and skill. Best of all, the car-free ascent ensures a safe and serene ride, allowing cyclists to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty and tranquillity of the French Alps. Whether seasoned cyclists or passionate beginners, conquering the Col de la Loze is a bucket-list experience not to be missed.

For cheese lovers: Embark on a cheese lovers guided tour

Cheese lovers can enjoy Ingham’s Cheese Lovers Bike Tour, a guided experience through scenic alpine landscapes. Starting in Méribel Village, cyclists have the opportunity to pedal through valleys and villages, stopping at local cheese farms to witness cheese-making and taste Savoyard specialities like Beaufort and Tomme de Savoie, paired with local wines. With knowledgeable guides sharing insights into cheese production, the tour costs £41 per person, including bike rental, cheese tasting and refreshments.

For experienced riders: Enter the exhilarating Enduro2 race

Over the course of three days this July (6-8), the 11,000m Enduro2 descent will take place. The course is designed with 70% worth of singletrack with the remaining 30% consisting of an exhilaratingly constructed bike park. The Enduro2 is a pairs-format event, with two competitors racing together to finish the course with one another. The event not only promises thrilling competition but also camaraderie among riders and a chance to explore some of Méribel’s most iconic trails in a unique setting. Whether aiming for the podium or seeking an unforgettable biking adventure, Enduro2 is the ultimate test of endurance and skill for passionate and experienced riders.

For families: Discover Lac de Tueda by bike

Families should embark on a scenic bike ride around Lac de Tueda, a picturesque lake surrounded by lush grass meadows and tall mountain summits. The network of trails surrounding the lake caters to varying skill levels, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride for all the family. Along the way, families can explore the rich biodiversity of the Vanoise National Park with the chance to spot marmots, ibex and a variety of alpine fauna. Picnic areas by the lake provide an ideal spot to rest and relax along the way.

For nature lovers: Take it slow on an E-bike adventure

E-bikes are the perfect choice for exploring Méribel’s diverse and scenic routes, offering riders an effortless way to navigate gentle slopes and varied terrain. In areas like Dent de Burgin, where lush forests and wildlife such as marmots, chamois and golden eagles can be found, e-bikes allow cyclists to cover more ground comfortably and quietly, without disrupting the natural surroundings. Perfect for families, try the route through the Altiport known for its sweeping views and rich forests.

Where to rest?

Hotel L’Eterlou in Méribel is the perfect place to rest your head after a busy day of exploring. This charming hotel offers easy access to hiking, mountain biking, and scenic gondola rides. The hotel is perfectly located in the heart of Méribel Centre in close proximity to a range of shops, restaurants and bars. The hotel’s heated outdoor pool and spa services provide a relaxing oasis, making it an ideal spot for a rejuvenating summer getaway. Standard rooms start from £218.00 with breakfast included.

Where to re-fuel?

Le Clos Bernard can be found in the magical Altiport forest. Offering traditional cuisine, the team is committed to using local products to highlight the region’s rich Savoyard heritage. The menu features grilled dishes cooked over an open fire and regional specialities. Le Clos Bernard offers various activities for families and kids such as animal feeding and visits to the mini farm, pony rides and beekeeping discovery workshops.

Cycling in Méribel

Where to rent bikes?

There are several options for renting bikes depending on specific needs. Here are some popular places where visitors can rent bikes:

  • Intersport Méribel Centre
  • Skiset Méribel Chaudanne
  • Precision Ski Méribel Mottaret
  • Sports 2000 Méribel

Picture © Sylvain Aymoz

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