WATCH – FLOW STATE – Into the Mind of a Freestyle Cliff Jumper

STORY BY Emmanuelle 18th June 2018

The best cliff jumpers on the planet collaborated all summer long to bring you the first ever cliff jumping movie!

Using the Pacific Northwest as their playground these unique extreme athletes showcase their skill in places we have never seen. This film will take you deep into the mind of a freestyle cliff jumper and what it takes to survive performing such incredible dives from heights reaching over 100 feet.

Flow is an energized mental state that occurs when a person is totally focused and immersed in an activity and the challenge matches a person’s level of skill. Being ‘in the zone’ is another way of describing flow. It plays a huge role in cliff jumping. Once a jumper fully commits to taking off from a cliff that has dangerous consequences if miscalculated, they enter flow state. It’s a state of mind where you experiences a loss of self-consciousness and a sense of complete mastery of performance. Adrenaline is fun, but putting their mind in a state of optimum level of performance is what these elite cliff jumpers crave.

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