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STORY BY Megan Hughes 8th August 2019

Today (7 August 2019) The North Face released RISE, a film documenting the fascinating journey of the famous climber, Jacopo Larcher, and his ascent of ‘Tribe.’

A movie that every keen climber needs to see, this project combines the incredible climbing talent of Larcher with the iconic adventurous spirit of The North Face, to create something truly mesmerising.

Over six years of unparalleled patience and exceptional commitment led up to the moment that Jacopo Larcher finally sent his project, ‘Tribe,’ in March 2019. Indeed, this ascent represents more than just another send, it is an odyssey.

Perched high in the woodland of Cadarese, Northern Italy, ‘Tribe’ is a bold, run-out and honest line, showcasing the very best of trad climbing, far removed from Jacopo’s bouldering specialist background.

Jacopo’s rise within trad climbing has been staggering. From learning the rudimentary basics to developing into one of the world’s most versatile and accomplished trad climbers, it’s a journey that Jacopo recognises would not have been possible without the support of the climbing community.

The Cadarese climbing community in particular is one of the reasons he has decided to forego the traditional grading of the climb. Their energy and support encouraged him to instead focus on the process and the wonderful moments of the experience.

“It’s a truly stunning line, one that I had been searching for without knowing for many years. I’m often asked about the grade, but for me, it’s clear that climbing is about more than grades and this line is the perfect example, said Larcher.

“It would not have been possible without my fellow climbers in Cadarese, they are part of my journey”

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