California Surfing Day, 20 September: Discover Dana Point

STORY BY Debbie 4th September 2019

The second California Surfing Day will take place on 20 September in recognition of the state’s rich surfing culture. Dana Point in Southern California, situated between Los Angeles and San Diego, shines above the rest as a region with an unparalleled surfing heritage, and one that attracts both professional and novice surfers from around the world year-on-year.

Where to surf in Dana Point

  • Doheny State Beach: Easily the most popular of Dana Point’s nine beaches, Doheny State Beach offers perfect waves that make it a great place for beginners to learn.
  • Strands Beach: Strands Beach sits in a small cover between Salt Creek Beach and the point of the headland, where there’s slick waves, beautiful views and friendly locals willing to share their tips and tricks.
  • Salt Creek Beach: Experts regularly flock to Salt Creek Beach, a small area with gnarly waves that are fantastic for adrenaline-junkies in search of a challenge.

Dana Point’s surfing heritage

  • Surfing documentary, The Endless Summer, was produced in Dana Point: Filmmaker and keen surfer, Bruce Brown, produced his legendary documentary, The Endless Summer, in Dana Point. Released in 1964, the film documents the lives of two young surfers around the world in search of the perfect wave. The Endless Summer gained huge success and was highly commended for showcasing surf culture to non-surfers.
  • Dana Point produces legendary waves including Killer Dana: One of the world’s most legendary surf breaks was Killer Dana, where waves reached over 12 feet high. The Dana Point Harbor now stands in its place but the legend continues, and is one of the reasons why surfers continue to be drawn to the region’s coastline.
  • California’s first surf shop was set up there in 1954: Surfing entrepreneur, Hobie Alter, set up California’s first surf shop in Dana Point, which quickly became a popular place to hang out and led to the birth of laidback surf culture.

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