The Most Popular National Parks in Europe!

Patrick Thorne
17th May 2021

With the global pandemic still very much present in our lives, now more than ever we are dreaming of our first getaway, our first post-lockdown mini adventure. From tranquil lakes and rivers to dense forests, it comes as no surprise that Europe plays host to some of the most breath-taking landscapes in the world. 

Having previously investigated the highest rated National Parks in Europe, experts at conducted a study to uncover the most popular National Parks in Europe. They created an index out of 100 total points, awarding points for the number of Instagram hashtags, TripAdvisor ratings, and average global Google search volumes.

The 10 Most Popular National Parks in Europe:

The most popular National Park in Europe is the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park! Located in southwest Wales, the park scored 95 out of a possible 100! The park scored an impressive 31 points for the reviews currently on TripAdvisor, and 32 for average monthly search volumes and Instagram hashtags – of which there are over 80,000!

The second most popular park is Snowdonia National Park, which finds its home in northwest Wales. Only one point behind first place, this National Park scored 94 out of 100, thanks to its high Google search volumes and Instagram hashtags!

Ranking as the third most popular park is Italy’s Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona, Campigna National Park, with a score of 92 out of 100. This park scored 32 points for average monthly search volumes (6,600).

The fourth most popular park is the Cairngorms National Park and fifth is Northumberland National Park, both with 91/100. Cairngorms scored higher than Northumberland for both Instagram hashtags (32) and average monthly Google search volumes (33), but was let down by the score determined by average TripAdvisor ratings (26)!

The sixth, seventh, and eighth most popular parks, each with 89/100, are the Teide National Park (Spain), Mercantour National Park (France), and Gran Paradiso National Park (Italy), respectively.

The ninth most popular park is South Downs National Park, with 88/100. South Downs scored top marks (33) for average global monthly search volumes! 

Finally, ranking as the 10th most popular park, is Sweden’s Sarek National Park, also with 88/100. Sarek National Park scored lowest on Instagram hashtags, only garnering 27 points in that category.

For more information, including the full breakdown of how each park scored, please see SaveOnEnergy’s blogpost

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